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Welcome to Chuck Summers' Campaign for Missouri's 2nd District!

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Chuck Summers is the working class representation Missouri needs. With a labor background and a love for his community, Chuck is ready to shake up Congress like never before.

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Women's Rights

Women deserve the right to choose. Chuck will fight for women's health and prosperity.

Tax & Infrastructure

The middle class should receive tax cuts, not billionaires. Chuck will also fight for a future focused infrastructure.

Labor Rights

The middle class built this country, and they deserve to be treated well. Union and worker's rights are a top priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chuck Summers stands for women's rights, labor rights, future focused infrastructure, and a tax system that works for us. Read more about Chuck's key issues on our About page.

You can get involved by joining our campaign, attending events, volunteering, and spreading the word about Chuck Summers' message.

Chuck Summers made a career of solving real life problems with a team of people. This is the hard work and dedication he will bring to Congress.

You can donate to the Chuck Summers campaign on our website or at any of our events. Every contribution helps us make a difference.

You can contact Chuck Summers' team through our website, social media channels, or by attending one of our events. We're always here to listen and engage with you.

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